May 21, 2020

Transform your backyard from bland to grand with these landscaping tips! Collaborating with Mother Nature to perfect your outdoor living space has never been easier with Pembina Co-op. Our selection of landscaping and gardening products ensure you get the most out of every plant, tree and shrub in your yard.

The Miracle of Mulch

Save time and energy in your yard, while also giving it a clean, finished look with the introduction of mulch. Mulch improves water penetration, increases air movement and reduces surface evaporations from the soil. It also helps to protect the shallow roots of your trees, plants and shrubs from freeze damage and frost heave, and even discourages any weed growth. Mulching around the base of your trees, plants and shrubs boosts their health significantly, and gives them a natural environment to grow in.

Where to Mulch?

Consider the size and style of the area you are mulching. Large bark nugget mulch is typically too bulky for perennial beds or flowerbeds with young plants – but its decorative appeal is ideal for areas around trees and shrubs. However, shredded and smaller chips of mulch bark are attractive and add a clean look to your flowerbeds. Rubber mulch is perfect for permanent walkways, driveways or backyard playgrounds – its fadeless, everlasting colour ensures beauty and durability for many years to come.

Rocking Your Landscape

Natural stone is one of the most versatile elements available for a landscape makeover. The rocks you choose will help set the tone for the rest of your landscape by adding texture, contrast and overall beauty. Pale-coloured stones provide striking contrast to deep-coloured foliage and help brighten the shady corners of your landscape. Rocks are also very useful as mulch. Typically, rocks are used in perennial flowerbeds or other perennial plantings. Keep in mind that dark stones and rocks absorb more heat than white or light-coloured stones – the more heat that is absorbed, the larger the potential for microclimate areas. Dark pumice rock is very lightweight and a deep red colour that is often used in flowerbeds, as it pairs beautifully with colourful plants and has the great ability to retain moisture.

Laying Out Your Landscape

The typical bag size for mulch is two cubic feet, which will cover up to eight square feet. Mulches should be applied at a three-inch depth. Be careful, exceeding this depth might prevent the roots from growing through the mulch to find water and nutrients.

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