Courtesy of Oakbank Home Centre
Customers know first-hand what it means to be AT HOME HERE!
January 17, 2020

Pembina Co-op Home Centres love to provide our customers with that exceptional experience of “You’re at Home Here”.

From welcoming you in store with your new furry pet ...

to delivering on time in nearly -43 degree weather with that Manitoba windchill!

We hope you feel at home in your customer experience at any one of our Pembina Co-op locations!

Some amazing messages from our customers!  ❤

Kevin S - "Building our home through Oakbank Co-op Hardware and can’t say good enough things about Chris and the rest of the crew. Super knowledgeable staff, deliveries always on time and when they say they are going to do something it gets DONE. Reliable people helping everything go smoothly."

Susan H-A - "They always have what we need for our home improvements and maintenance. Awesome and friendly staff."

Come visit any of our Home Centre locations in Oakbank, Souris, Pilot Mound, St. Claude and St. Leon and let our team serve you!

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