May 27, 2021

Pembina Co-op will assume an active role in supporting community groups in their efforts to create a positive environment for our communities. This will be accomplished through monetary support (including cash, merchandise or services) and by recognizing Co-op employees who volunteer their time and expertise to enhance our communities.

All monetary donations will be made in the name of Pembina Co-op with no distinction given to an individual department. When an organization covers an area that includes several Co-op departments, only one donation will be made representing the entire Co-op.

The Community Support Fund program is designed to support local events, community groups and non-profit organizations that we serve. We welcome the opportunity to be involved and help build a stronger community through events or programs that enrich the lives of community members.


Pembina Co-op will actively sponsor youth organizations and sports teams. The Co-op will focus on sponsoring the organization or team itself rather than sponsoring an individual member of the organization or team.

Community Organizations:

Pembina Co-op will focus on supporting initiatives that are beneficial towards the youth of the community. Projects or events that benefit a larger portion of the Co-op’s membership will be treated more favorably. The following items would be eligible for support (not ranked in order of importance):

  • Community projects that improve the infrastructure or services available within the community that do not qualify under the Capital Projects criteria (playgrounds,equipment for fitness clubs and arenas, parks, emergency equipment for volunteer fire departments, hospital equipment). Private or for-profit projects are not eligible.
  • Assistance for community organizations such as recreation committees, rink committees, agricultural societies, and cultural groups to raise funds to operate the organization (prizes for auctions or draws).
  • Fund raising events for members that have suffered from financial disaster such as fire, tornado or flood.

Community Events:

Pembina Co-op will donate towards community groups to operate community events. Preference will be given to donating merchandise rather than a cash donation. Events that would qualify include:

  • Festivals and Fairs
  • Tournaments
  • Bonspiels
  • Fall Suppers

NOTE:  Private events (wedding socials, personal anniversaries) will not be eligible.


  • If sponsorship is approved, it is expected that Pembina Co-op is acknowledged with banners or signage so that attendees, participants and our members are aware of the contribution.
  • A picture will be requested with the recipients of the donation or sponsorship and posts on social media and any other news media may be used as a ‘Thank You”.

We have partnered with Do Some Good to leverage the power of technology and build stronger and more connected communities.

➧Please click here for Pembina Co-op Community Support Fund Application

At Pembina Co-op, we care about our families, friends and neighbors, as well as the communities where we live, work and play. Co-ops are built by and for the communities they serve.


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