September 29, 2020

Be a part of something bigger!

How do you become a member?  Check out the details here!

Without members, our co-operative doesn’t exist. That means that YOU are important!

A membership is only $10. You only pay once, and you earn cash back and equity for the rest of your life!

In 2020, individual patronage allocation will be credited to members based on the following rates:

• General Merchandise 0.85%
• Food 0.85%
• Crop Inputs 1.75%
• Liquid Fertilizer 1.00%
• NH3 Fertilizer 2.45%
• Dry Fertilizer 2.45%
• Petroleum (Clear) 4.50%
• Petroleum (Dyed) 5.25%

And, every time you shop, you will know that a part of the profits are gong back to help our community.

When you become a member, you’re actually buying a share in our co-operative, which means as a member you’re an owner.

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