Our Brand Values
July 31, 2019

What makes Co-op unique?

Among its other qualities, Co-op is Locally Invested, is Community Minded and offers Lifetime Membership Benefits.

Locally Invested

Pembina Co-op is here for you. We live where you live, work where you work and we are helping grow the economy right here. We are your neighbours and we make sustainable investments in the communities we share. Doing business with your Co-op creates good jobs and economic activity close to home – just as it has been since your Co-op opened for business.

Community Minded

A strong social conscience has always been part of how your Co-op operates. Our business has been built on a foundation of community involvement and service. We will run a strong, financially viable business that has the potential to return profits to our members and we invest in the communities in which we operate. We are part of your hometown and care about and support the causes that matter to you, your community and neighbouring communities.

Lifetime Membership Benefits

Pembina Co-op membership offers you a lifetime of rewards including the promise of high-quality products and service at competitive prices. We also offer the potential for annual cash-back and an equity account that grows over time, as well as the opportunity to get involved as a member-owner. This makes us a different kind of business; our profits are your profits and they are invested directly back into the community through you.

Convenience, Selection, Quality, Service & More!

Convenience - Co-op stores are built to serve our local communities and are typically small to medium sized stores that are easy to get into, easy to shop at and easy to get out of.

Product selection - In addition to a good selection of your favourite national brand products, Co-op has private label products, which offer extra value and a no-hassle guarantee.  Learn more about our Co-op Food brands: https://www.food.crs/more/brands

Local products - Co-op buys local products whenever possible. For more information on how your Co-op is truly local, please visit: https://www.food.crs/more/local.

Personalized service - We at Pembina Co-op strive to treat each customer as an owner of the business. We try to offer a friendly, pleasant shopping experience. Many people comment on the friendly, down-home, relaxed, rural atmosphere, where the staff know you (and your kids) by name, and where we even sometimes remember your number. 

Co-op Equity and Cash Back - Please see "What is Co-op Equity and Cash Back?" on our Membership FAQ page.

Co-ops support your local community - Please see "Community" for how Pembina Co-op get involved in our communities.  Follow us on social media to see how Pembina Co-op is involved in the communities that we live, work and play in!




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