January 2, 2020

What would you do with no payments for a year?

Purchase your seed with a line of credit from Farm Credit Canada by Jan. 31, 2021, and enjoy no payments and no interest until October 2021.

Offer applies to qualifying canola, corn and soybean seed at Baldur Agro, Cypress River Agro, Glenboro Agro, Homewood Agro, Manitou Agro, Mariapolis Agro, Minto Agro, Notre Dame Agro, St. Leon Agro, and Swan Lake Agro. For full details, speak with one of our Ag team experts!

Subject to approval by Farm Credit Canada. The balance owing will be subject to the standard annual program interest rate of prime plus 2.95% beginning Oct. 1 through to March 15. Any remaining balances unpaid past March 15 are subject to the past due interest rate of 19.5618% annually.

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